The Italian Cooperative Artists (C.IT.A.), is a company founded in May 2009 with the original purpose of ensuring the professionalization and the regularization of the associated artists. It operates with a focus on the field of street arts, urban theater and contemporary circus. In Turin these artists are present in large numbers and represent a huge potential for production, innovation and growth. Since 2014 C.IT.A. has enabled the distribution and project management sectors, with the aim of contributing effectively to support and spread the Italian creation in these areas. The nature of C.IT.A. is in fact to interface more fully into the international market of performing arts, establishing itself as a subject of promotion of the contemporary art scene in the street arts, urban theater and contemporary circus.

The development project on which the C.IT.A. is working on is the opening of its own Atelier of Contemporary Artistic and Performative Production (TaDan! - Center for Contemporary Creation), on an European scale. Examination of the European more virtuous models shows that production centers contribute concretely to encourage emerging artists, to support young professionals, to develop and promote the artistic offerings, to contribute to the dissemination of the performing arts and, finally, to create the conditions to attract additional resources and ensure conditions for future co-productions. Actions and spaces for artistic creation and production intersect effectively with the policies of urban recovery and enhancement of degraded areas of the city. They contribute largely to the revaluation of less cultural areas and to intercept new audiences. Towards this goal are turning our policies of internationalization, networking and project planning with partners in other countries.